What is HMUN?

Harvard Model United Nations is a four-day international relations simulation for high school students held annually in downtown Boston. At HMUN, delegates gain insight into the workings of the United Nations and the dynamics of international relations by assuming the roles of UN representatives and members of other international bodies and national cabinets. HMUN is an exciting opportunity for students to debate issues that confront world leaders and to draft resolutions in response to these global issues. Participants will develop their abilities to work with others who are equally motivated and passionate about the topics of debate and to respond to global concerns.

HMUN 2017 builds upon decades of experience. In 1927, Harvard held its first annual model League of Nations, followed by the first model United Nations conference in

1953. This longevity and the dynamic that only a conference of our size can provide make HMUN the preeminent simulation of its kind in the world.

True to the spirit of the United Nations, founded in 1945, HMUN strives to foster a constructive forum for open dialogue on complex global issues, including international peace and security and economic and social progress. HMUN stresses the in-depth examination and resolution of pressing issues, emphasizing process over product. During the conference, students learn the importance of balancing national interests with the needs of the international community, while also learning about the powers and limitations of international negotiation. Delegates will preserve their countries’ national policy while negotiating in the face of other, sometimes conflicting, international policies.


Substantive Excellence

The staff of HMUN is carefully selected to include the most passionate and dedicated directors. Each of the study guides is carefully crafted for its respective committee and reflects careful and thorough research. All of our directors are extremely knowledgeable, dedicated, and committed to HMUN’s ideals, resulting in well-run and focused committees. Many delegates leave our conference with a new-found passion for international relations and greater awareness of the issues that dominate our world.

Tradition and Innovation

Begun over 75 years ago with a simulation of the League of Nations, our conference is the product of years of gradual refinement. While our conference has expanded considerably including to nations abroad, we are fully committed to bringing the prestigious and superb experience you have come to know and expect at HMUN to our conference next year. At the same time, HMUN is an organization dedicated to exploring new and exciting opportunities for all conference delegates and Faculty Advisors. HMUN 2017 will feature innovative committee simulations, cutting-edge technology, and, of course, great entertainment for delegates outside of committee.

Size and Diversity

At HMUN 2017, you will have the opportunity to meet and interact with more than 3,000 high school students from more than 200 high schools around the world. HMUN provides a host of substantive issues for this dynamic group of students and creates a forum for debate and negotiation among them – a truly worthwhile experience. Our conference is designed to foster negotiation and public speaking skills, introduce students to a range of global challenges, and provide culturally diverse perspectives on a variety of issues. Our strong emphasis on representation at our conference from schools across the globe ensures the HMUN experience is a truly international one.

What are people saying about HMUN?

“The staff was gracious and responsive. The GA’s and crisis sessions were run well. Bravo.” - The Bromfield School on HMUN 2014

"Thank you for all you do. It's greatly appreciated. The delegates worked very hard and felt rewarded for their work in the committees."- African Leadership Academy, South Africa on HMUN 2014

"It was great to have come across Ethan and his efficient team mates who haven't left any stones unturned in making the HMUN 2013 a great success. Your 360 degree feedback sessions with the faculty advisors held on a daily basis were brilliant in resolving issues then and there." - Chittagong Grammar School, Bangaldesh on HMUN 2013

The Secretariat of HMUN 2017

Victor J. Kamenker
Rajkumar S. Pammal
Catherine M. Brennan
Amy Q. Tan
Marija Jevtic
Pavan S. Hegde
Innovation & Technology
Abigail C. Kasdin
General Assembly
Andrew R. Chang
Nicholas J. Abbott
Specialized Agencies

Victor J. Kamenker — Secretary-General

Victor J. Kamenker is a senior at Harvard College studying Statistics, with a Secondary Field in Government. He is particularly interested in the quantitative side of political science, such as spatial analysis of voting patterns.

Victor has previously served as the Under-Secretary-General for the Economic and Social Council & Regional Bodies at HMUN 2016. Additionally, he has directed committees in the General Assembly and ECOSOC at HMUN, HMUN China, HMUN India, and HNMUN (HMUN’s sister college conference). Victor is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Harvard International Relations Council, HMUN’s parent organization.

Outside of his involvement with international relations at Harvard, Victor is an avid foodie, amateur jogger, and fervent traveler. He looks forward to welcoming everyone to Boston and to HMUN in January!

Email Victor at: sg@harvardmun.org.

Rajkumar S. Pammal — Director-General

Rajkumar S. Pammal is a senior at Harvard College concentrating in History of Science with a secondary field in Global Health and Health Policy on the pre-medicine track. Hailing from Long Island, New York, Rajkumar served as Under-Secretary-General of Business for HMUN 2016. At Harvard, Rajkumar is very involved in model UN and the International Relations Council, having served as a Director for HNMUN, HNMUN-Latin America, and HMUN India, as well as competing for Harvard on its traveling intercollegiate model UN team.

Outside of model UN, Rajkumar has served as Co-Chair of the Economic Policy Group at the Institute of Politics, a member of Global Medical Brigades in Honduras, and an Executive Board Member of the South Asian Healthcare Leadership Forum. Additionally, he thoroughly enjoys playing tennis and playing the alto saxophone.

Rajkumar is looking forward to welcoming you to Harvard Model United Nations 2017, and is thrilled to be working with the Secretariat and staff of HMUN 2017 to provide a truly memorable conference experience to all.

Email Rajkumar at: dg@harvardmun.org.

Catherine M. Brennan — Under-Secretary-General for Administration

Catherine M. Brennan is a junior at Harvard concentrating in Anthropology with a particular interest in the ways we can relate anthropology and education. She sees HMUN as an incredible educational opportunity for all its delegates to gather from around the world for a weekend of collaboration, spirited debate, and engaged conversation.

Formerly an HMUN delegate herself, Catherine is originally from the Boston area. She has staffed multiple model UN conferences at Harvard in varying capacities including HMUN's sister conference for college students, HNMUN. Beyond MUN, Catherine has been involved in a variety of roles at Harvard's Institute of Politics and through Harvard's public service organization. In her free time, she drinks copious amounts of coffee and revels in the number of emails one person can receive in a day.

Catherine is very excited to work with this year's Secretariat in planning what will be her seventh HMUN. She looks forward to providing the best possible experience for delegates and faculty advisors and looks forward to meeting you all in Boston at HMUN 2017!

Email Catherine at: admin@harvardmun.org.

Email the Administration staff at: info@harvardmun.org.

Amy Q. Tan — Under-Secretary-General for Business

Amy Q. Tan is a junior at Harvard concentrating in Economics with a secondary in Government. Originally from Eden Prairie, Minnesota, she has enjoyed serving as Deputy Director for Harvard's competitive model UN team, staffing HMUN's Security Council and various committees in the SA at HNMUN. She has also directed at WorldMUN 2016 and will be traveling to HMUN India in August. Her interest in international relations focuses in particular on competitive authoritarianism and economic development.

Outside of MUN, Amy directs all programming relating to innovation/entrepreneurship in Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business. In her free time, she loves skiing and ice skating, embarking on spontaneous adventures abroad, and trying new cuisines.

Amy is thrilled to work with this year's Secretariat in organizing an incredible conference experience and warmly welcomes everyone to HMUN 2017!

Email Amy at: business@harvardmun.org.

Marija Jevtic — Comptroller

Marija Jevtic is a junior at Harvard studying Psychology, with a secondary in Government. She was born in Serbia, but has also lived in Denmark, Italy, and the United States (New York City). Marija first became involved in model UN as a high school freshman, when she helped found the model UN club in her school. Since then, Marija has been consistently involved with model UN, as a member of the Administration and Comptrolling organs for HMUN, as well as a Director for Business for HNMUN.

Outside of the world of MUN, Marija is a Peer Advising Fellow, and is actively involved within the Harvard South Slavic Society. In her spare time she enjoys writing, playing volleyball, and taking long walks. She is dedicated to making the conference an amazing experience for all, and is extremely excited to welcome you to HMUN 2017!

Email Marija at: comptroller@harvardmun.org.

Pavan S. Hegde — Under-Secretary-General for Innovation & Technology

Pavan S. Hegde is a junior in Kirkland House studying Applied Mathematics with a focus on Economics. This year, Pavan will serve as the Under-Secretary-General of Innovation & Technology at Harvard Model United Nations. He aims to enhance the delegate crisis experience and innovate the use of technology across the conference.

Pavan has been involved with model United Nations since his freshman year. He was a committee director at HMUN 2016, and actively participates on ICMUN, the competitive travel team at Harvard. Pavan has also travelled to Beijing as a director at HMUN China 2016. Other than MUN, Pavan is also involved with the Harvard Debating Union, the Harvard Rugby Team, and the Veritas Financial Group.

Other than his academic or extracurricular activities, Pavan enjoys running and hiking in his spare time. As a competitive ultra marathon runner, Pavan ran across the Gobi Desert this summer and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in the past. Pavan looks forward to working with everyone, be it delegates, staff, or faculty advisors to run an incredible conference for all.

Email Pavan at: innotech@harvardmun.org.

Abigail C. Kasdin — Under-Secretary-General for the General Assembly

Originally from New York City, Abigail is now a junior at Harvard studying Social Studies with a citation in Spanish. She is particularly interested in how public education policy influences children from different backgrounds.

Abigail was a delegate at HMUN for three years and looks back on those weekends as some of the most meaningful events in her high school career. She believes passionately in model UN’s capacity to be a personally and intellectually transformative experience and is so excited to have the opportunity to give back to a conference that has meant so much to her. Abigail directed DISEC at HMUN 2016 and is also a member of the Intercollegiate Model United Nations Team.

When not thinking about HMUN, Abigail also loves to swim, hike, and daydream about her future travel plans.

Email Abigail at: ga@harvardmun.org.

Andrew R. Chang — Under-Secretary-General for the Economic and Social Council & Regional Bodies

Andrew R. Chang is a third-year undergraduate at Harvard College studying Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology, with a secondary field in Global Health and Health Policy. He has been involved with various global health projects and is particularly interested in the intersection of scientific and sociological development in medicine.

Born in Taiwan and raised between China and the United States, Andrew has developed a curiosity for international relations and foreign policy. On campus, Andrew is heavily involved with the Harvard International Relations Council. He serves as a competing member on the Harvard Intercollegiate Model United Nations team, and a staff member for HMUN India, WorldMUN, and HNMUN. Outside of MUN, Andrew works at the Broad Institute investigating chromatin structure and gene regulation.

Andrew has been involved with the conference for the past two years. He looks forward to meet all conference delegates, and actively contribute to the values of the ECOSOC and the missions of HMUN.

Email Andrew at: ecosoc@harvardmun.org.

Nicholas J. Abbott — Under-Secretary-General for the Specialized Agencies

Nicholas J. Abbott is a junior in Adams House at Harvard, concentrating in Social Studies with a focus on inequality in contemporary urban America. In particular, Nick is interested in the interactions between housing, criminal justice, and development policies in the modern American city.

Nick is an active member of the model UN community at Harvard, both as a staff member and as a delegate. Nick has served as a senior staff member for the HMUN, HNMUN, HMUN India, and WorldMUN conferences, leading committees on topics ranging from the Iran-Iraq War to narcotic drug control to ongoing corruption within the FIFA Executive Council. In addition, Nick is an active competitor on the college circuit with Harvard's competitive team, ICMUN. When he is not at a model UN conference, Nick can be found streaming soccer matches on his computer, clad in one of his many jerseys. He is also a veteran of several political campaigns, a passion he hopes to continue to pursue after college.

Nick cannot wait for HMUN 2017 to be here and to welcome delegates to participate in the most substantive, dynamic, and engaging model UN committees in the world.

Email Nicholas at: sa@harvardmun.org.