The Secretariat of HMUN 2019


The Secretariat consists of the nine most senior-ranking members of the HMUN staff: the Secretary-General, the Director-General,the Comptroller, and the six Under-Secretaries-General. Each member of the Secretariat leads one of the eight organs,described below, with the exception of the Secretary-General, who leads the Secretariat. Throughout the year, they have been dedicated to providing an unprecedented experience to the participants of HMUN 2019, and their top priority is to ensure that the conference is rewarding and enjoyable for all.

Meet the Secretariat Members

Neil D. Reilly_
Kayla R. Hollingsworth_
Adil Bhatia
Lily Z. Piao
Luis Patrick Cespedes
Nataliya Palinchak
Angie J. Cui
General Assembly
Esteban R. Flores
EcoSoc and Regional Bodies
Pedro L. C. Farias
Specialized Agencies

Neil D. Reilly — Secretary-General

Neil is a fourth-year undergraduate at Harvard College studying History, with secondaries in Government and English. In particular, he focuses on the history of multilateralism, trade policy, and modernist literature. He has been involved with several political campaigns at home in the United Kingdom, and in the United States.

Neil was born and raised in Northern Ireland, and has seen the impact of diplomacy and international cooperation first hand, which has driven his participation with HMUN. He most recently served as a Under-Secretary-General of the General Assembly, and as the Director of Training for Harvard’s competitive model UN team.

In his spare time, Neil enjoys writing fiction, baking, hiking, and watching re-runs of BBC dramas. As Secretary-General, he is incredibly excited to meet passionate young leaders from all over the world, and furthering the educational mission of HMUN.

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Kayla R. Hollingsworth — Director-General

Kayla is a rising senior at Harvard College joint-concentrating in Government and English who calls the sunny beaches of Southern California her home. Kayla discovered Model United Nations her freshman year at Harvard and has since then been involved in the organization of Harvard Model United Nations and Harvard National Model United Nations conferences. Just being able to get to know delegates and faculty advisors these past three years in her position in the administration staff has given Kayla so much gratitude and she is looking forward to serving the faculty and delegates of HMUN 2019. Outside of HMUN, Kayla is involved with international education programs on campus, the mountaineering and outdoors clubs, and with the Radcliffe Fellows Program for research.

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Adil Bhatia — Under-Secretary-General for Administration

Adil Bhatia is a third-year student at Harvard College studying Statistics. He grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but also lived in New Delhi, India, for two years. He loves the quick-thinking and public speaking skills gained from participating in Model UN. He believes in its ability to cultivate in young individuals the confidence and drive required to lead our world into the future. Adil is also a Director for both HMUN and HNMUN Boston 2018. Outside of school, he is an avid reader, runner, and soccer goalie. He is looking forward to a wonderful conference in Boston this coming year and bringing HMUN to new heights.

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Lily Z. Piao — Under-Secretary-General for Business

Lily Piao is a third-year student at Harvard College studying History and Economics with a focus on East Asian and economic history. Born in northeastern China, Lily moved to the United States at the age of seven and has since become a tried and true New Yorker. Lily has found a home with the International Relations Council at Harvard, serving as a director at HMUN, HMUN China and HNMUN. After arriving at college, she discovered a love for the diplomacy, negotiation, and critical thinking abilities required in Model United Nations and currently serves as the Chief of Staff for Harvard’s Intercollegiate Model United Nations team. Outside of MUN, Lily is a dancer for Harvard’s Asian American Dance Troupe and a student worker at the Office of Career Services. Lily is incredibly excited to continue working with conference partners for HMUN 2019 and to meet delegates from all over the world.

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Luis Patrick Cespedes — Comptroller

Patrick Cespedes is a second-year Harvard undergraduate studying Economics and Philosophy. He was born in Mission Viejo, California, a short distance away from some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world. Patrick first became involved with model UN in high school, where he participated as both a delegate and staff member. At HMUN, he has served as Assistant Director as well as Senior Director of Administration and Accounts. Outside of HMUN, Patrick is the President of the Colombian Student Association, an Editor for the Harvard College Law Review, and an Undergraduate Pedagogy Fellow at the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning. He enjoys soccer, professional wrestling, and seeking out the best boba spots in Boston. Patrick is excited to welcome delegates to HMUN and carry out the role of Comptroller.

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Nataliya Palinchak — Under-Secretary-General for Operations

Nataliya was born in a small, forgotten border town in Western Ukraine, before her family decided to make the journey to Brooklyn, New York. Nataliya values hard work and self-reflection, which has shaped her approach to her junior year at Harvard and the role of USG Operations. Nataliya’s forever changing and unclear identity has led her to pursue multiple paths of self-exploration through the channels of model UN at Harvard, as well as in her current joint concentration of Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality and Slavic Language and Literature Studies with a secondary in History, as she enters her third year of college.

Nataliya is a DJ on WHRB 95.3 FM where she plays punk, alternative, and blues music by artists who would otherwise not have the platform. In her spare time, Nataliya enjoys reading works by Anton Chekhov, writing about her lived experiences, listening to true crime podcasts, and engaging in the soul-reviving work of watching sitcoms.

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Angie J. Cui — Under-Secretary-General for the General Assembly

Angie is a third-year student at Harvard College studying East Asian Studies and Government with a secondary in Economics. With roots in New York City, NY and Shanghai, China, she is particularly interested in the comparative evolution of civil and political norms, historical memory and foreign policy, and US-China relations. These interests brought Angie to the International Relations Council at Harvard, where she has served as Co-President of Recruitment, a member of Harvard’s travelling model UN team, and a director for HMUN Boston, China, and India. Outside of MUN, Angie is a self-proclaimed foodie, cold brew coffee enthusiast, and dances with Harvard’s ballet, modern, and hip hop dance companies. Having stumbled into her high school’s model UN team during her freshman year, Angie has seen the potential for MUN to inspire and educate as a four-time HMUN delegate. Returning to the conference as this year’s Under-Secretary-General of the General Assembly, she is thrilled to extend that empowering potential to as many high schoolers as possible, while challenging them to become more passionate, substantive, and empathetic debaters. She hopes that this year’s General Assembly delegates will continuously strive to make thoughtful and impactful change in some of our largest and most vibrant committees, and cannot wait to meet you all in January!

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Esteban R. Flores — Under-Secretary-General for the Economic and Social Council & Regional Bodies

Esteban Flores is a third-year student at Harvard College majoring in Philosophy, with aspirations of attending law school and practicing international law. Having been raised in the Rio Grande Valley—a community in South Texas along the US-Mexican border—issues of regional cooperation and integration have always been important to him. It was in this community that he developed an appreciation for model UN, particularly through his participation in Model Organization of American States where he served as Secretary General of a Texas-wide conference.

Since coming to Harvard, he has further nurtured his passion for debate and negotiation by joining Harvard’s competitive model UN team, serving on staff for Harvard’s high school and college conferences, and serving as a chair for WorldMUN. Esteban has also pursued his passion for international relations by serving on the Board of Directors for the Harvard International Relations Council and as chair of copy-editing for the Harvard International Review. In his free time, Esteban enjoys reading Kant’s Groundwork and being a referee for Harvard intramural sports.

This year at HMUN, he hopes to convey to delegates the importance of negotiation in and out of committee. He looks forward to meeting both delegates and faculty advisors at HMUN 2019.

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Pedro L. C. Farias — Under-Secretary-General for the Specialized Agencies

Pedro Farias is a third-year undergraduate at Harvard College studying Applied Mathematics in Economics with a secondary in Computer Science and a citation in German. Born in Brazil, Pedro's academic passions span beyond math and the sciences, as he is also an avid observer of international relations, politics, and financial markets. One of his interests is how the business models of technology companies can be reformulated to empower their consumers further to make informed decisions with regards to their privacy. On campus, Pedro is heavily involved in the International Relations Council, serving as its Treasurer, as a competing member of the Harvard Intercollegiate Model United Nations team, and a staff member for HMUN India and Harvard National Model United Nations. Outside of Model UN, Pedro is the Vice-President of the 2018 edition of the Brazil Conference. He is extremely excited to meet all delegates and advisors at the sixty-sixth edition of Harvard Model United Nations.

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