The Secretariat of HMUN 2018


The Secretariat consists of the nine most senior-ranking members of the HMUN staff: the Secretary-General, the Director-General,the Comptroller, and the six Under-Secretaries-General. Each member of the Secretariat leads one of the eight organs,described below, with the exception of the Secretary-General, who leads the Secretariat. Throughout the year, they have been dedicated to providing an unprecedented experience to the participants of HMUN 2018, and their top priority is to ensure that the conference is rewarding and enjoyable for all.

Meet the Secretariat Members

Andrew R. Chang
Marija Jevtic
Kayla R. Hollingsworth
Allison C. Toledo
Nivedita Khandkar
Bary Lisak
Innovation & Technology
Neil D. Reilly
General Assembly
Sidney C. Li
EcoSoc and Regional Bodies
Eliza R. Ennis
Specialized Agencies

Andrew R. Chang — Secretary-General

Andrew R. Chang is a fourth-year undergraduate at Harvard College studying Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology, with a secondary field in Global Health and Health Policy. He has been involved with various global health projects and is particularly interested in the intersection of scientific and sociological development in medicine.

Born in Taiwan and raised between China and the United States, Andrew has developed a curiosity for international relations and foreign policy. On campus, Andrew is heavily involved with the Harvard International Relations Council. He serves as a competing member on the Harvard Intercollegiate Model United Nations team, and a staff member for HMUN India, WorldMUN, and HNMUN. Outside of MUN, Andrew works at the Broad Institute and Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Cancer Research investigating chromatin remodelling and gene regulation.

Andrew has been involved with the conference for the past three years. He looks forward to meeting all conference delegates, and actively serving the missions of HMUN.

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Marija Jevtic — Director-General

Marija Jevtic is pursuing an AM-AB degree at Harvard, studying Psychology, with a secondary in Government and a master’s in History of Science. She was born in Serbia, but has also lived in Denmark, Italy and the United States (New York City). Marija first became involved in Model UN as a high school freshman, when she helped found the Model UN club in her school. Since then, Marija has been consistently involved with Model UN, particularly with administration and comptrolling.

Outside of the world of MUN, Marija is a Peer Advising Fellow, and is actively involved within the Harvard South Slavic Society. In her spare time she enjoys writing, playing volleyball, and taking long walks. She is dedicated to making the conference an amazing experience for all, and is extremely excited to welcome you to HMUN 2018!

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Kayla R. Hollingsworth — Under-Secretary-General for Administration

Kayla is a junior at Harvard College concentrating in Government and English with a secondary in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations. Kayla calls the sunny beaches of Southern California her home and loved to spend her days underneath the Huntington Beach pier reading and writing. Kayla discovered Model United Nations her freshmen year at Harvard and has since then been involved in the organization of Harvard Model United Nations, Harvard National Model United Nations, and Harvard Model Congress conferences. Outside of HMUN, Kayla is involved with international education programs on campus, the mountaineering and outdoors clubs, and with the Radcliffe Fellows Program for research. She enjoys traveling, reading, cliff jumping, and just going on any adventure that life throws her way. Just being able to get to know delegates and faculty advisors these past two years has given Kayla so much gratitude and she is looking forward to such an opportunity to do so leading up to and at the conference.

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Allison C. Toledo — Under-Secretary-General for Business

Allison is a junior at Harvard College studying Social Studies with a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy. She has participated in both HMUN and its sister conference, HNMUN, throughout all of her years at Harvard. After serving as an Assistant Director in the SA organ of both conferences her freshman year, she worked as a Director of Business at HMUN 2017 and directed an ECOSOC committee at HNMUN 2017. In addition to staffing, Allison also competes as a delegate on Harvard’s traveling Model UN team. Her other business experience includes time spent as the Business Manager of the a cappella group the Harvard LowKeys and as Entrepreneurship Director of the 2016 Innovation Competition for Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business. Outside of Model UN, Allison enjoys singing with her a cappella group and performing in musicals on campus.

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Nivedita Khandkar — Comptroller

Nivedita is a junior in Winthrop House from Louisville, Kentucky. She is concentrating in Economics with a secondary in Statistics, and is very interested in international economic policy. She previously directed the European Union committee at HMUN, and she is very excited to serve as Comptroller this year! On campus, Nivedita is also chair of the National Campaign Committee at the Institute of Politics, a member of the Harvard College Consulting Group, and a course assistant and tutor through the Department of Economics. Her interests include sports, traveling, and television.

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Bary Lisak — Under-Secretary-General for Innovation & Technology

Bary Lisak is a third-year Harvard undergraduate concentrating in Applied Mathematics with a focus on Economics. A resident of Wayland, MA, Bary has been involved in Model UN since sixth grade, as both delegate and staff member at the middle school, high school, and college level. At HMUN, he has served as an Assistant Director in the ECOSOC and InnoTech organs, as well as directing at HNMUN, Harvard’s college conference. Outside of Model UN, he enjoys soccer, chess, classical music, and learning languages. Bary is excited to welcome delegates to HMUN and to serve one of its most exciting and dynamic organs.

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Neil D. Reilly — Under-Secretary-General for the General Assembly

Neil Reilly is a junior at Harvard College studying History and Government, with a particular focus on the history of international relations, as well as political strategy. He has been involved with several political campaigns at home in the United Kingdom, and in the United States.

Born and raised in Northern Ireland, Neil has seen the impact of diplomacy and international cooperation first hand, which has driven his participation with Harvard’s International Relations Council. He most recently served as a Vice President of the organization, as a director at HNMUN, and on Harvard’s competitive model UN team.

Last year, Neil directed the World Trade Organization, and loved getting to meet delegates from all over the world discussing major issues in international relations. He looks forward to meeting even more delegates this year, and creating the best experience for delegates in the General Assembly.

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Sidney C. Li — Under-Secretary-General for the Economic and Social Council & Regional Bodies

Sidney C. Li is a third-year student at Harvard College majoring in Social Studies and Economics, with a focus on the ethics of radical social transformations (revolutions, industrialism, radicalism, and conservative change). A scion of California’s Silicon Valley, he grew up just five minutes from Apple Inc.'s main campus. There, he developed a strong passion for using MUN as a way to enrich perspectives on the impact of politics and ethics on technological development.

Although his sphere of topic interests has since expanded, Sidney continues to see MUN as an irreplaceable educational tool. He serves on the Secretariat of HMUN India, as a Director for HMUN China, a leader in Harvard's traveling team, and as the outgoing Vice President for Outreach of the Harvard International Relations Council. Outside of MUN, Sidney is a stealth entrepreneur, academic activist, and Francophone researcher.

This year at HMUN, he is driven to sharing his strong dedication to ECOSOC's defining pillars of pragmatism, implementation, and technocratic specificity. Having spent the past two years with the conference and entering his seventh year with Model United Nations, Sidney looks forward to meeting all delegates and advisors as he sustains his contributions to the mission of Model United Nations.

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Eliza R. Ennis — Under-Secretary-General for the Specialized Agencies

Eliza R. Ennis is a third-year undergraduate at Harvard College concentrating in Social Studies with a focus field in the cultural politics of the Modern Middle East. Beyond her dedication to the social sciences, she is pursuing a citation in Arabic and is passionate about global health policy as well as Persian and South Asian history.

From her first time doing Model UN two years ago to Under-Secretary-General for the Specialized Agencies at HMUN 2018, Eliza has come a long way, directing committees on everything from Lenin's cabinet in 1917 to the Safavid Empire in Iran. As the Under-Secretary-General for Committees for HMUN India, as well as a delegate on Harvard's competitive traveling Model UN team (ICMUN), Eliza is thoroughly immersed in the International Relations Council at Harvard. Outside of Model UN, Eliza is a peer counselor and avid outdoorswoman, heading to the mountains when possible.

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